Observation of the decay b ---> j psi eta k and search for x

Iwashita, K. Miyabayashi, V. Bhardwaj, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, D. Asner, T. Aushev, A. Bakich, A. Bala, B. Bhuyan, G.

Bonvicini, A. Bozek, M. Browder, M. Chang, A. Chen, B. Cheon, K. Chilikin, R. Chistov, K. Cho, V. Chobanova, S. Choi, Y. Choi, D. Cinabro, J.

Dalseno, M. Danilov, Z. Dutta, S. Eidelman, S. Esen, H. Farhat, J. Fast, M.We analyze these transitions using the QCD multipole expansion QCDME approach and within a constituent quark model framework that has been applied successfully to the heavy-quark sectors during the last years.

The QCDME formalism requires the computation of hybrid intermediate states which has been performed in a natural, parameter-free extension of our constituent quark model based on the quark confining string QCS scheme.

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Olive K. Data Group Chin.

observation of the decay b ---> j psi eta k and search for x

C38 Google Scholar. Adachi I. Aubert B. D77 D82 Lees J. D86 D78 Tamponi, U. The Belle Collaboration Meng C. Guo F. Ali A.

observation of the decay b ---> j psi eta k and search for x

Di Giacomo A. Simonov Y. B Segovia J. D91 D76 Gottfried K. Bhanot G. Peskin M.Bibliography tool, search by references, institution filtering. Learn more. Citations per year 0 1. Abstract: arXiv.

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Bc References Figures Mesons beyond the naive quark model Claude Amsler Zurich U. Tornqvist Helsinki U. DOI: Glueballs, Hybrids, Multiquarks.

The Experimental Status of Glueballs V. Crede Florida State U. Meyer Carnegie Mellon U. Glueball spectrum and matrix elements on anisotropic lattices Y. Chen Kentucky U. High Energy Phys.

First observation of the decay B --> J/psistraight phiK

Alexandru Kentucky U. Dong Kentucky U. Terrence Draper Kentucky U. Horvath Kentucky U. D 73 Glennys R. Farrar Rutgers U. D 50 Determining the gluonic content of isoscalar mesons Frank E. Close Rutherford.

Zhen-ping Li Peking U. D 55 Ablikim Beijing, Inst. Decay of the pseudoscalar glueball into scalar and pseudoscalar mesons Walaa I. Eshraim Frankfurt U. Stanislaus Janowski Frankfurt U. Francesco Giacosa Frankfurt U. Dirk H. Rischke Frankfurt U. D 87 5 Medina Ablikim Beijing, Inst.

C 41 1Bibliography tool, search by references, institution filtering. Learn more.

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Belle Collaboration. Bhardwaj Panjab U. Published in: Phys.

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DOI: Citations per year Something went wrong Please try again later or go back. Abstract: arXiv. Note: 6 pages, 3 figures. He Gd References Figures 3. Choi Gyeongsang Natl. Acosta Florida U. D 71 Properties of the X at Belle Belle Collaboration. Diagnostic decays of the X Eric S.

Swanson Pittsburgh U. B In the past decade, more and more charmoniumlike and bottomoniumlike states have been reported in experiments, which have led us to extensive discussions on the underlying structure of these states. In this review, we briefly summarize the experimental and theoretical status of these observed states. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Phys Rev Lett Phys Rev D Yuan CZ, Belle Collaboration et al.

Pakhlova G, Belle Collaboration et al. Phys Rev Lett s Eur Phys J C —9. J High Energy Phys Phys Lett B Google Scholar.

Wong CY Molecular states of heavy quark mesons. Phys Rev C Tornqvist NA Isospin breaking of the narrow charmonium state of belle at Mev as a deuson.

Rosner JL Effects of s-wave thresholds. High Energy Phys Nucl Phys Nuovo Cim A Z Phys C Eur Phys J C Eur Phys J C — J Phys G Nucl Phys A Phys At Nucl Europhys Lett Rosner JL Hadron spectroscopy: a snapshot.

Observation of the decay B → J psi eta K and search for X(3872) → J/psi eta

AIP Conf Proc Chin Phys C Eur Phys J A Chen DY, Liu X Predicted charged charmonium-like structures in the hidden-charm dipion decay of higher charmonia. Download references. The author thanks Professor Tao Huang for suggesting the topic and all my collaborators for the enjoyable collaborations. I also would like to thank Professor Takayuki Matsuki for reading the manuscript and suggestive comments.

Because of his personal research interest, the author apologizes to those whose papers and contributions were not mentioned in this work.High Energy Physics - Experiment.

Authors: M. AblikimM. AchasovS. AhmedM. AlbrechtM. AlekseevA. AmorosoF. BaiY. BaiO. BakinaR.

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Baldini FerroliY. BanK. BegzsurenD. BennettJ. BennettN. BergerM.

Mod-04 Lec-29 Isoparametric FE Formulation and some Examples

BertaniD. BettoniF. BianchiE. BogerI. BoykoR. BriereH. CaiX. CaiO. CakirA. CalcaterraG. CaoS. CetinJ. ChaiJ.

observation of the decay b ---> j psi eta k and search for x

ChangG. ChelkovG. ChenH. ChenJ. ChenM.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up.

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Fabio Langer. Aubert,1 R. Barate,1 D. Boutigny,1 F. Couderc,1 J. Gaillard,1 A. Hicheur,1 Y. Karyotakis,1 J.

J/psi meson

Lees,1 V. Tisserand,1 A. Zghiche,1 A. Palano,2 A. Pompili,2 J. Chen,3 N. Qi,3 G. Rong,3 P. Wang,3 Y. Zhu,3 G. Eigen,4 I. Ofte,4 B. Stugu,4 G.

observation of the decay b ---> j psi eta k and search for x

Abrams,5 A. Borgland,5 A. Breon,5 D. Brown,5 J. Button-Shafer,5 R. Cahn,5 E. Charles,5 C. Day,5 M. Gill,5 A. Gritsan,5 Y. Groysman,5 R. Jacobsen,5 R.

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